3 Differences Between Compost And Manure

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The difference between compost and manure is an important thing to write about at www.biotechturetraining.com

Compost and manure are two products that will help maintain and provide nutrients to your plants. Where the two have basic similarities and differences. What is the best?

A lot of people ask this question, it’s just that it’s hard to answer. Because both have huge advantages. All of the building blocks are taken from nature, no wonder many call it organic.

There are no other mixed ingredients other than animal waste and leaf waste that fall to the ground. This is done to maintain the quality of the fertilizer. Thus, avoiding the addition of chemicals.

Although effective, these chemicals still contain side effects. If, continued the impact is so bad on interest. Therefore, it is recommended to use only organic ingredients. The results are more satisfactory than the non-organic.

However, you need to know the differences and similarities so that you can choose for yourself. What is good or not for plants. Here a brief explanation of the differences as well as the similarities.

3 differences between compost and manure
3 differences between compost and manure

Difference between compost and manure

From the first difference with the compost fertilizer. According to his understanding, nutrients for plants are the result of the breakdown and mixing of various organic materials which are accelerated with the help of microbes.

It is also affected by the environment, temperature and various other factors. It contains nutrients, it’s just that the content is considered less effective in meeting the needs of your plants.

It’s just that, there are other necessary and very useful ingredients for plant fertility. The content is humic acid, fulfic acid, hormones and enzymes. Because, the help of leaf spoilage microorganisms.

After knowing all the elements of compost then, what do we mean by manure? All products processed from pet waste that are used to obtain nutrients as part of nutrition.

In addition, it brings improvements to the structure of the plant, either physically or biologically. In doing so, we first do the fermentation for the next few days. Make sure the product is nutritionally filled.

To cultivate, generally use three different animals. Because all three have characteristics. The following briefly describes the differences between chicken, cow and goat manure in making compost and manure.

1. Chicken manure results

If you make it from chicken manure you will find a higher nutrient content especially N than other animals. In this way, the absorption of nutrients from the plants is much better.

For market gardeners, chicken manure is in great demand. The growth of their plants is very fast. It’s just that there are Simonella bacteria that need to be watched, also make sure the animal is drug free so that the results are perfect.

2. Cow manure results

In addition, can take advantage of cow manure. Who has a fairly high fiber. It’s just that it needs a decomposition process, so it needs extra N items. Therefore, don’t use it fresh.

However, after the fermentation has gone perfectly, it is enough to use it directly. To know the characteristics is very easy. Look at the texture and color, when it is dark and loose and does not smell, this is when the fertilizer can be used.

3. Goat manure results

Finally, use goat manure, the texture of which is round and very difficult to break down. Before using it for nutrition, try treating it with the compost technique until it is cooked first.

The use of this manure is best used for half the fertilization. So when the plant grew, but, you didn’t see any flowers or fruits. How, already do not know the difference between the two.

Compost, needs animal waste, leaves and the help of microorganisms to be used. Meanwhile, for the cage, it is enough to wait for the fermentation process. The choice itself is quite large, it can be chicken, goat or beef.

Equality Compost and manure

Although there are differences. However, both are still organic nutrients, there are some similarities that should be taken into account so that they don’t go wrong when using them. Where both have nutrients or also called minerals.

However, the nutrient content of manure is much higher than that of compost. No wonder many farmers or growers directly prefer animal products. Actually do it yourself

The other thing they have in common is organic. In the process, there is no chemical mixing at all. Thus, the growth of plants can be faster and the result makes them healthy.

Providing nutrients to flowers is an important factor in thriving. So I hope you buy quality compost and manure or make it with the right technique.

Hence the article on the similarities and differences between compost and manure. Hope this is helpful.

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