A guide to dried flowers (and where to buy!)

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A guide to dried flowers – Whenever I talk about my DIY vases, over 50 people email or DM us asking where to buy dried flowers and leaves.

And I understand! Honestly, dried flowers are so good to have around the house, they pretty much last forever and can be rearranged endlessly.

So I understand why you want to go shopping! Personally, I prefer to buy bouquets of various types rather than compound bouquets because I believe it gives you a little more flexibility to use them in different ways.

Having said that, you can still buy a lovely dried bouquet and snap it!

What to buy

This is where it helps to know the names of the flowers you like, especially if you are planning to buy them online. It can be difficult if you don’t know the names! Here are a few for you:

  • Rabbit Tails
  • Dried ruscus
  • Cotton stems (note that sometimes they are made and not harvested which is not as nice)
  • Dried wheatgrass
  • Stirlingia
  • Straw Flowers
  • Dried palm leaves
  • Pampas grass
  • Pampas feather
  • Silver dollar
  • Ozothamnus (rice flower)
A guide to dried flowers
A guide to dried flowers

From left to right: cotton stems, ruscus, pampas grass, pink rabbit tails, local forage grasses, Stirlingia, pink dyed rice flower, straw flowers.

Where to get them

First of all, I bought everything from a store in my local flower market, Flower Lovers, located in Rocklea in Brisbane. Knowing that you don’t all live in the same neighborhood as me, I suggest you try your local flower market! The other thing I would suggest is keep your eyes peeled when you are on the move – you can often find dry herbs that have beautiful seeds or flowers that will surprise you with their beauty in a vase.

You can of course buy them online, and there are plenty of places. Anthropologie has some great options (love this and that), as does Urban Outfitters (love this! And that), West Elm (this one, this and that), and Luxe by Pampas Grass.

If you’re in Australia, the department stores to check out are The Peach Fox, Cocomumu Flowers, and Barefoot Gypsy. Note that depending on where you are buying, you may have customs issues bringing flowers, so it is often best to buy in your country.

A guide to dried flowers
A guide to dried flowers

A guide to dried flowers

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