Permaculture: 3 tips to get started

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Permaculture: 3 tips to get started – More than just a gardening technique, permaculture is a real philosophy based on building a world that is more respectful of the planet and people.

It makes it possible to meet each other’s needs while promoting life in all its forms thanks to the positive human impact. As a result, more well-being and autonomy at home. Here are 3 simple tips for starting permaculture, in your garden or on your balcony!

What is permaculture?

From English permanent culture, ” permanent culture », This concept was coined by two Australians during the oil crisis of the 1970s. Create harmony between nature and humans, so that they live sustainably on this planet by designing feeder system, social and urban effective.

Applicable to all scales (balconies, parks, streets, cities, regions, etc.) and to all sectors (personal life, associations, finance, construction) this system makes a lot of sense in Agriculture.

Humans would then have to be able to feed themselves without tiring or damaging the Earth in order to continue cultivating it. That permaculture thus based on a methodology, called ” design », Who created harmonious ecosystem, natural, autonomous and respect nature.

Three elements serve as a common thread for this philosophy: ethics (universal value), principle (universal natural law) and Technique and tool adapted to each individual context.

Observe your environment to understand it


Even if permaculture discoveries inevitably have to go through the documentation phase, it is necessary to understand how their space works before intervening. How did life develop within you? garden or at balcony ?

This analysis makes it possible to think before acting, to treat nature as a whole, without opposing different life forms, but by making them interact with one another.

So, if you have aphids in your garden, check the ladybugs before trying to get rid of the aphids with a phytosanitary product. God beasts eat aphids, they are able to prevent the invasion. Presence of garden pests and their predators therefore great thing because balanced lay down, avoid harm to your plants.

Gardening with biodiversity


In a harmonious space, flora and fauna must coexist in the same dynamic, the former has a capital interest in the development of the latter. Install for example insect hotel, which will accommodate gardening aids.

Choose from natural wood, untreated. The ideal is to place the device near plant as Rosemary, that lavender, that Thyme, etc. because they attract insects pollinator especially.

For those who have vegetable garden, old pile of rotting wood will no doubt welcome lots of insects and other small animals that are useful for plants.

Combining complementary plants and plants

In permaculture, each element must be installed in the most suitable place, both for limit trash and allow optimal use of each person’s. Linked together, some plants protect each other from diseases and pests, which ensures they growth.

This is how experienced gardeners know it’s good for growing tomatoes with basil, the latter repelling flies and mosquitoes while enhancing the taste of tomatoes.


That plant association also allows better occupy deep space – because they have complementary root system – the height or width. In cultivating short cycle species side by side with long cycle species (eg cabbage and salad), we optimize space management over time.

This is what we offer you in our article to create your vegetable fillings, a way easy and effective to start Home !

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