Setting up a vertical herb garden

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Setting up a vertical herb garden – I’d been wanting to start a home herb garden for a long time. I wanted to put it on our terrace because it gets the most light – the garden is quite green and bushy, and I was concerned that the plants wouldn’t get enough light.

I was unsure how to make a herbal garden on the bridge; I considered using pots, but I knew there wouldn’t be enough space.

This is why I was so eager to learn more about Urban Eden’s vertical gardens. They are fantastic because they have a relatively large planting space for such a small structure, are simple to assemble, and have an automatic watering system that reduces the frequency with which you must water.

Here is how I assembled mine.

Setting up a vertical herb garden

Assemble the vertical garden

These vertical gardens come in two boxes and weren’t too difficult to set up. You simply assemble the frame and then insert the planters.

It only took less than half an hour to set up the planters and then the time it took to plant the herbs I bought. In total less than an afternoon of work! So perfect for people who love gardening but don’t want to devote their whole week to it (that’s me!).


Setting up a vertical herb garden
Setting up a vertical herb garden
Setting up a vertical herb garden

Herbs I planted

I loved going to the nursery and buying all the herbs! I went a bit OTT to be honest, but was so happy to think that I wouldn’t have to buy fresh herbs anymore. So much less waste. I bought:

  • mint
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • wise
  • Oregano
  • A tomato plant
  • Arugula (arugula)

I wanted Thai basil for our curries but they didn’t have any so I’ll find it elsewhere.

How the sprinkler system works

Each planter in the vertical garden has a water tank below and a water meter on the side. At the top left, there is a cap that you open and fill with water. This means that the plants have access to water, but because they are planted in a small compartment (one in four in each planter), they do not sink into it. So good.

The 6 vertical garden planters are then all connected, so that when you fill the top one, water flows through them all. This makes it so easy to water them.

You just need to keep an eye on the water meters and refuel if necessary. I haven’t had mine yet and it’s been about two weeks.

Setting up a vertical herb garden

Setting up a vertical herb garden

This article is in collaboration with Urban Eden.

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